With Pet Tree, creating a natural, living memorial to your beloved pet is simpler, and more affordable than you’d think. Only an animal lover can understand the grief of losing a beloved pet. At Pet Tree, our staff is comprised solely of animal lovers, who know the unique love and relationships only a beloved pet can provide.

Most everyone remembers being part of a backyard memorial service for a family pet. But such a burial is impractical for a large pet and illegal in most parts of the United States. That’s why we created our special living memorial...the Pet Tree. It’s a wonderful new way to keep the love and memories of our beloved pets alive.

Pet Tree offers a unique way to create a living, growing memory after the loss of a beloved pet. By applying a specially developed method, a young tree or shrub is cultivated with the fertile components that remain in the ashes of your deceased pet. As it grows, the young tree stays in our nursery, where it receives the highest quality care from our compassionate staff. When the tree is fully rooted and has exhausted a large portion of the nutrients, it is ready to be shipped to you and transplanted to a place of your choice.

Starting at $99.95 includes Shipping & Handling

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